Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to 5 Prince Publishing and Books!

Welcome to 5 Prince Publishing and Books!  Yes, we are new to this big, vast world of publishing!  But we aren't new to the joy of reading and writing.

Here at 5 Prince Publishing and Books we embrace the reader of Romance.  Their opinions help us run our business.  We believe without them we are nothing more than story tellers for our own amusement.

Here's what you'll see at 5 Prince Books!  Our blog will have guests that will help authors along their journey from being aspiring/pre-pubbed to multi-published!  Though we can't publish everyone that doesn't mean we can't help get your name out there.  We will also offer a feature where every week you can pitch your book!  That's right, we want you to pitch it and maybe someone will come along and think it's just right for them.

Already a published author with another house or an Indy author?  We have a review board just for you!  We will have information on how you can get a 5 Crown Reader Review of your book.  After all, it's the readers who sell our books, right?

We will also be having Launch News and Signings Listings... yes... even if you don't publish with us.  We want to help you be successful!

So welcome to 5 Prince Publishing and Books!  We look forward to getting to know you!